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Nicolas Cage was cast as Clark Kent/Superman in Tim Burton 's cancelled Superman film. Although the project has captured the public's imagination, he declined to appear in the 2015 crowdfunded documentary. Cage got his second chance when he agreed to do a cameo voiceover for Superman in the animated film, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies in 2018 Nicolas Cage als Superman und noch mehr Batmen in der Gerüchteküche Von Björn Becher — 22.09.2020 um 09:43 In The Flash trifft der von Ezra Miller gespielte Titelheld bereits auf zwei Versionen.. Neu bei Netflix: Nicolas Cage endlich als Superman! - Kino News - FILMSTARTS.de Superman war immer die Traumrolle von Nicolas Cage, doch ein Projekt mit Tim Burton zerschlug sich. 2018 durfte der.. The Flash: Nicolas Cage spielt Superman und noch mehr fantastische Gerüchte zum DCEU-Film Um The Flash, welcher am 02. Juni 2022 planmäßig in die Kinos kommen soll, ranken sich bereits jetzt unzählige Gerüchte, die allesamt mit dem Flashpoint und den Multiversen im DC-Universum zu tun haben

Nicolas Cage ist als riesiger Superman-Fan bekannt (einen seiner Söhne hat er sogar nach Supermans kryptonischem Namen Kal-El genannt), mit seinem Engagement für Warners Teen Titans GO! To The.. Zu dem Zeitpunkt stand bereits Nicolas Cage als Superman/Clark Kent fest und weitere Stars wie Kevin Spacey, Tim Allen, Courtney Cox, Chris Rock und Michael Keaton waren für Rollen im Gespräch Nicolas Cage was set to star as the Man of Steel in Superman Lives and underwent test photography in costume as part of the pre-production (Credit: @Films_Pics/Twitter) Oddly enough, the origin of..

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  1. Nicolas Cage, eigentlich Nicolas Kim Coppola (* 7. Januar 1964 in Long Beach, Kalifornien) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler, Filmproduzent und Oscar -Preisträger
  2. Nicolas Cage was officially announced to play Superman. In 2009, images of Cage wearing Superman costumes for screen tests began to surface. The project was, however, scrapped. Peters would go on to produce the also cancelled Superman: Flyby. The idea removing the red briefs from the costume would carry over to many other Superman projects. The next Superman movie that was released (after.
  3. Nicolas Cage was to star as Superman while Christopher Walken was rumoured to play Brainiac. Casting choices considered for Lois Lane were Courteney Cox and Sandra Bullock although Jon Peters stated he wanted Sandra to play the character. Characters such as Lex Luthor and Doomsday were also planned to be included in the film
  4. Superman Lives - FeaturetteNicolas Cage Costume TestSubscribe and click the notification bell HERE: http://goo.gl/SrrTlTSubscribe to Filmisnow Movie Traile..
  5. A s rumours go, the one this week that Nicolas Cage might end up starring as Superman in Warner Bros' Flash movie takes some beating. There's every chance it was dreamed up to create waves in the..
  6. Superman Lives was a passion project for lifelong comic book fan Nicolas Cage (who eventually got to play Marvel anti-hero Ghost Rider). And because he did such a bang up job with the first two..
  7. If Nicolas Cage had been Superman back in 1998, he would have probably avoided the whole meme craze that happened, said Payne, referring to how much the internet loves to stick his Mad..

Done with Intel Python + DeepFakes scripts.Training time: 1 night aprox.SeamlessClone: FalsePC SPECS:7700K.32gb.MSI GTX 1080TI Gaming X Nicht nur sein Kind Kal-El heißt wie Superman. Auch er selbst hätte fast den berühmten blauroten Anzug getragen: In dem geplanten Film Superman Lives von Tim Burton sollte Nicolas Cage in den. Superman Lives es una película cancelada basada en los cómics The Death of Superman. El guion había pasado por las manos de Kevin Smith, Wesley Strick (El ca.. The Superman Nicolas Cage is rumored for the upcoming The Flash movie that will also feature the return of both the Ben Affleck Batman and the Michael Keaton Dark Knight. The rumor comes from scooper Daniel RPK (via Reddit) who also claims The Flash movie will visit multiple worlds and that WB is interested in including a lot of crazy cameos Kal-El Coppola Cage was born Oct. 3, 2005. He is Nicolas Cage's youngest son and his only child with ex-wife Alice Kim. He is, of course, named after Superman, whom Nicolas is a huge fan of. He's..

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Nicolas Kim Coppola (born January 7, 1964), known professionally as Nicolas Cage, is an American actor and filmmaker. Cage has been nominated for numerous major cinematic awards, and won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas (1995) The Flash movie rumors hint Nicolas Cage's Superman will enter the DCEU In 1998, Nicholas Cage almost played Superman in a movie from Tim Burton. In 2022, he may finally play the role in The Flash Nicolas Cage is reportedly being eyed to finally fulfill his lifelong dream and play the Flashpoint version of Superman in The Flash Back in 1998, Nicolas Cage was supposed to portray Superman in the cancelled Superman Lives film. The film was supposed to pit Superman against Doomsday and feature Clark Kent and Lois Lane's.

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  1. Over three decades into his big screen career, Nicolas Cage remains one of the most prolific actors working in Hollywood. Cage stars as Colin Pryce, an idealistic and ambitious Louisiana.
  2. Nicolas Cage ist ein riesiger Comicfan, besonders Superman hat es ihm angetan. Seinen Sohn nannte er nach Supermans Geburtsnamen Kal-El, für eine Ausgabe des Comics, in dem der Man of Steel seinen ersten Auftritt hatte, legte der Schauspieler 150,000 Dollar hin.Doch sein Traum, selbst in einem Film in das blau-rote Kostüm des Superhelden zu schlüpfen, hat sich nie erfüllt
  3. 237 VIDEOS | 1279 IMAGES Nicolas Cage was born Nicolas Kim Coppola in Long Beach, California, the son of comparative literature professor August Coppola (whose brother is director Francis Ford Coppola) and dancer/choreographer Joy Vogelsang. He is of Italian (father) and Polish and German (mother) descent
  4. The reaction when fans hear that Nicolas Cage was almost Superman can be fairly predictable, especially when looking at the leaked image of Cage in a test Superman costume that had been made for the film. However, it might be surprising to hear that the film might have also been one of the most epic and imaginative takes on the character to ever hit the big screen
  5. Thanks to artist spdrmnkyxxiii, we can now all see what Nicolas Cage's canceled Superman movie might look like today. Though it's been over two decades since the Tim Burton-directed, Nic Cage-led Spiderman Lives was gearing up to revitalize the Kryptonian's film franchise, the star's popularity has kept the canceled project a subject of fan speculation even now

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Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪Superman‬ Nicolas Cage wird für Teen Titans Go! to the Movies Superman seine Stimme leihen. Schon in den 90ern sollte er den Umhang des Superhelden für Tim Burton überstreifen Superman dream casting: Nicolas Cage or The Rock as Man of Steel? April 3, 2020 James Clark TV and Movies. Now that actor Henry Cavill is reportedly out as Superman and Ben Affleck may be done playing Batman, speculation over who should be cast next to don the iconic superheroes' costumes is stirring up social media. An array of talented actors have played Superman and Batman in the past.

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Will Nicolas Cage's Superman finally get to fly in The Flash? Read more He brings more gravitas to the proceedings than this broad, slight project could have hoped for Genau genommen spielte Nicolas Cage gar nie Superman, aber bekanntermaßen stand er kurz davor. Bilder von ihm im Anzug gibt es ebenfalls, wieso also nicht auch diese Version Supermans ins Spiel.

Nicolas Cage, yes that Nicolas Cage, is who Twitter wants to play Superman - and to be honest it's not a terrible idea. You're probably wondering why there are so many pictures, that have obviously not been doctored, with Nicolas Cage wearing a Superman costume It's said that you learn something new every day. Well, today we learned that Nicolas Cage was slated to star in a Tim Burton-helmed Superman film. The movie, titled Superman Lives sounded like the breath of fresh air that the franchise needed.But due to production company drama, the plug was ultimately pulled

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Nicolas Cage, eigentlich Nicolas Kim Coppola (* 7. Januar 1964 in Long Beach, Oktober 2005 den gemeinsamen Sohn Kal-El, benannt nach dem kryptonischen Namen von Superman, zur Welt brachte. Cage ist ein bekennender Comic-Fan. In einigen Filmen, in denen Cage mitspielte, übernahm Alice Kim einen Cameo-Auftritt, so zum Beispiel in Next, in dem sie bei einem Zaubertrick eine Frau aus dem. No Superman for Nicolas Cage. Here's another way to look at it. Nicolas Cage is surprisingly franchise-averse. In a modern cinematic landscape that has seen Chris Evans suit up as Captain America 8 times, 5 voyages as Jack Sparrow for Johnny Depp, and a seemingly endless number of road trips for the Fast and Furious crew, Cage has made exactly two sequels (with a third on the way, since a. American actor Nicolas Cage, known for his role in films like Face/Off, National Treasure, Con Air, Leaving Las Vegas, Mandy and many more, turned a year older yesterday, January 07, 2021. The 57-year-old actor enjoys a massive fandom due to his acting skills and sharp personality. Whether be it for his interviews or his personality; Nicolas Cage grabs the limelight very often. However. Nicolas Cage was once set to play Superman, and while the '90s film about the superhero didn't survive, photos of the actor donning the Man of Steel's signature costume are here to stay

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Directed by Jon Schnepp. With Tim Burton, Nicolas Cage, Kevin Smith, Dan Gilroy. A documentary about the proposed 1998 Superman Lives feature film that would have starred Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage steps into the Superman suit for a role in Ezra Miller's 'The Flash' in this impressive concept design of the legendary star

Nicolas Cage, a comic book fan, signed on as Superman with a $20 million pay-or-play contract, believing he could reconceive the character.: 192 Peters felt Cage could convince audiences he [Superman] came from outer space Here's How Nicolas Cage Could Look As Superman In The Flash. By Scott Campbell 4 months ago. x. Nicolas Cage is arguably the most famous comic book fan in Hollywood, having taken his stage name.

Nicolas Cage und Superman verbindet eine lange Geschichte, die schon fast einem Leidensweg gleicht. Immerhin träumte der Superstar lange davon, den Mann aus Stahl einmal zu spielen - und scheiterte meist kurz vor dem Ziel. Bis jetzt Los Angeles (rpo). Oscar-Gewinner Nicolas Cage wünscht seinem neugeborenen Sohn offenbar übernatürliche Kräfte: Der Schauspieler hat den Jungen nach dem Comic-Helden Superman Kal-el genannt Schauspieler Nicolas Cage könnte 1,5 Millionen Euro reicher sein, nachdem sein 'Superman'-Comic für diesen Preis versteigert wurde. (Film + TV News

Related: Nicolas Cage: Superman Lives 'More Powerful' Than Actual Films. Cage's copy went missing from his home in early 2000. Its condition was graded at 9.0 by Certified Guaranty Company, the leading service for evaluating the quality of comic books. According to THR, that rating would have made it one of the highest publicly graded copies of the book known to exist, with only approximately. Nicolas Cage has always regretted that he never got to play Superman. The actor was supposed to suit up as the Man of Steel for Tim Buton's ill-fated Superman Lives in the late 1990s. But the. Zusammen mit Laurence Fishburne ist Nicolas Cage in Running with the Devil im Auftrags seines Kartells unterwegs. Teen Titans GO! to the Movies verhilft ihm zum Superman-Happy-End The reason Nicolas Cage is dressed in a Superman outfit is because he almost played Clark Kent/Superman in a live-action movie called Superman Lives. The film - from director Tim Burton - was in development during the 1990s and came very close to becoming a reality. Before filming got underway, Cage tested out a number of Superman suits, which is why multiple images are floating around the. For those who may not be familiar, Nicolas Cage was officially tapped to play the Man of Steel in Tim Burton's Superman Lives during the '90s. The project was eventually scrapped, but photos.

Spannende Fragen beantworten und interessante Antworten erhalten im Nicolas Cage Filme Quiz auf PROMIPOOL.de mit wertvollen Fakten und Hintergründe NICOLAS CAGE! Leider hat es der Film nie in die Produktion geschafft. Wir können nur davon träumen, was gewesen sein könnte... Halten Sie diese Träume am Leben mit diesem quadratischen Druck von Nicolas Cage als einer von viele Back in the '90s, Nicolas Cage was going to play Superman for Tim Burton. The film got canceled, however, and quickly became an Internet urban legend. Well now, a documentary on that film has. The Flash movie is reportedly looking to cast Nicolas Cage as Superman. Additionally, Andres Muschietti and the studio are looking to recruit Christian Bale, George Clooney, and Val Kilmer. It has. Tim Burton wollte 1998 seinen Superman-Film mit Nicolas Cage in der Titelrolle drehen. Nun sind Bilder von der Kostümprobe des gescheiterten.

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  1. Das Casting von Nicolas Cage als Superman kommt nicht von ungefähr: Der «Das Vermächtnis der Tempelritter»-Star ist ein großer Fan des Comichelden und wurde in den späten 90er-Jahren sogar.
  2. Nicolas Cage (45) ist für viele einer der besten Schauspieler der heutigen Zeit. In Filmen wie The Rock, Con Air, Face/Off - im Körper des Feindes oder Lord of War.
  3. Nicholas Cage Calls His Man of Steel in Cancelled Superman Lives 'Gutsy' Nicholas Cage claims that his approach to the Man of Steel would have been 'gutsy' in Tim Burton's cancelled 'Superman Lives' - and claims that Warner Bros. was too scared to make the movie. By Ben Kendrick Dec 10, 2013. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment. After the mega-success (and mostly positive reception) of Zack.
  4. The project, thankfully, never came to be — the Superman character remained dormant until 2006's Superman Returns, while Cage went on to do, well whatever it is that Nicolas Cage does these days.As far as potential film castings go, this one was destined to forever remain a bizarre what-if
  5. Nicolas Cage im Strampelanzug auf der großen Leinwand? Fast hätten wir dieses Bild zu Gesicht bekommen, aber leider nur fast Im Jahr 1998 plante das Filmstudio Warner Bros. unter dem Namen.

In den ganzen 90er Jahren erhielt Superman keine Starterlaubnis - sehr zum Leidwesen von Nicolas Cage. Beinahe hätte auch Nic Cage das berühmte blau-rote Heldenkostüm tragen dürfen Nicolas Cage Reportedly Wanted for Superman Role in DC's THE FLASH Along with More Batman Actors Movie Nicolas Cage The Flash Image Safe DC Ezra Miller Andy Muschietti Christian Bale Val Kilmer George Clooney about 3 months ago by Joey Paur. Director Andy Muschietti's The Flash is shaping up to be one hell of a crazy DC film. Ben Affleck is set to reprise his role of Batman, Michael Keaton. Actor Nicolas Cage was once a top earner in Hollywood, worth around $150 million, but he didn't hold onto the fortune for long. Cage squandered it on a string of expensive and often eccentric. Nicolas Cage's Superman Suit From 'Superman Lives' Revealed Close-Up for the First Time. By Jamie Lovett - December 26, 2018 02:48 pm EST. Share 5 Comments. 5; DC Daily just offered fans their. PHOTOS: Superman Turns 75: The Man of Steel's Legacy in Pictures. Concept art and test photos of a long-haired Cage wearing an odd Superman suit have been circulating online for some time, but the.

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  1. Christopher Reeve; Brandon Routh, Henry Cavill, Nicolas Cage - welcher der Schauspieler passt nicht in die Reihe? Richtig: Nic Cage. Denn wo sich seine Kollegen tatsächlich das blau-rote Spandex.
  2. Kal-El Cage plays a young Bruce Wayne in Teen Titans Go! to the Movies. Nicolas Cage is famous for his love of Superman; not only did he almost star as the live-action hero but he also named his.
  3. al comic book storyline, upon which the five-hour event is based, was written by Marv Wolfman and originally published in 1985
  4. Hollywood-Star Nicolas Cage ist ein leidenschaftlicher Comicfan. An diesem Dienstag wird er 50. Wir veröffentlichen aus dem Anlass erneut ein Interview mit ihm über seine Leidenschaft für die.
  5. Auch der Schauspieler Nicolas Cage besaß einmal eine Ausgabe des Action Comic 1 - die ihm im Jahr 2000 jedoch aus seiner Villa gestohlen wurde. Elf Jahre später fand die Polizei genau jene.

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At long last, Nicolas Cage finally got to play Superman on the big screen, and his Man of Steel is more than a little snarky.. In the animated comedy Teen Titans GO! to the Movies (in theaters. Nicolas Cage as Superman Thanks to artist spdrmnkyxxiii, we can now all see what Nicolas Cage's canceled Superman movie might look like today. Though it's been over two decades since the Tim Burton-directed, Nic Cage-led Spiderman Lives was gearing up to revitalize the Kryptonian's film franchise, the star's popularity has kept the canceled project a subject of fan speculation even now The award-winning actor Nicolas Cage was intended to play the lead role of Superman in the 90s movie Superman Lives, which was to be produced by Tim Burton.. With the imaginative Plot twists, creative animation, and highlighted alien characteristics of Superman, there was a chance that the film could have been an instant hit on the big screen..

Nicolas Cage to finally become Superman Back to video. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. Try refreshing your browser, or tap here to see other videos from our team. Advertisement. Story continues below. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Article content continued . Executive producer Sam Register says. Every superhero in the DC Universe. Zweite Chance für Nicolas Cage? Bei so viel Liebe für Superman erscheint es wenig verwunderlich, dass zahlreiche Twitter-User Cage als perfekten Man of Steel-Anwärter ansehen. Wenn Henry Cavill als Superman raus ist, gibt es nur einen Mann, der diesen Part füllen kann: Nic Cage, heißt es beispielsweise in einem Beitrag Nicolas Pilot Credited as Nicolas Coppola 1990 Industrial Symphony No. 1: Heartbreaker Televised stage production 1992, 2012 Saturday Night Live: Himself (host)/(cameo) Episodes: Nicolas Cage/Bobby Brown and Zooey Deschanel/Karmin 2021 History of Swear Words: Himself (host) 6 episodes: 2021 Untitled Joe Exotic Series Joe Exotic: TBA Highfir

Nicolas Cage's Superman: A great piece of news arrives in as the DC Extended Universe's fan art is dreaming of Nicolas Cage's superman cameoing in the movie, The Flash. Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will be permitted to play the role of Batman in the upcoming movie of the DC Extended Universe multiverse model. The fans of these movies have also predicted what other heroes could fly by. Actor Nicolas Cage's stolen vintage Superman comic book found 11 years later. By SUSANNA KIM. April 12, 2011, 4:56 PM • 4 min read. 0:00. Nicolas Cage's $1M Comic Book: What Happened? Mystery. Nicolas Cage almost played a 'psychologically traumatised' Superman for Tim Burton This article is more than 5 years old. Nightcrawler director Dan Gilroy reveals plot details for Superman Lives. A photograph of Nicolas Cage dressed as the title character in Tim Burton's aborted Superman Lives has appeared online.. The image, which surfaced on the @dcumoviepage Twitter account, shows the. Ok so let's break it down a little. Nicolas (Ah the bees) Cage was cast as The Man of Steel in Superman Lives, a failed attempt to bring Superman to the big screen in the 90's.It was to be directed by Tim Burton and feature the death and then return of Superman.. The Positives. In the 90's, Nicolas Cage was an actor at the top of his game

Back in the halcyon days of 1997, Tim Burton had a dream: To bring Superman to the big screen. The film, entitled Superman Lives, was supposed to star Nicolas Cage as the legendary Man of Steel.Obviously, the movie never panned out, though the rudiments of the project would eventually become 2006's Superman Returns.For a detailed explanation of why the film never made it past pre-production. One of the most fascinating what ifs in DC history is the aborted Superman Lives movie from the 1990s that had Nicolas Cage locked in for the lead. Though he's known to be a massive fan of. Nicolas Cage Talks Superman, Henry Cavill and Possible Directors September 16, 2018 Movie News 7 With all the speculation this past week about whether Henry Cavill was leaving/sacked as Superman, whether we'd see another Superman movie any time soon, and which actors might be in line for the role if Cavill was finished, is it any wonder that someone has approached Nicolas Cage for his.

Christopher Reeve; Brandon Routh, Henry Cavill, Nicolas Cage - welcher der Schauspieler passt nicht in die Reihe? Richtig: Nic Cage. Denn wo sich seine Kollegen tatsächlich das blau-rote Spandex. While there are many who enjoyed Cavill's take on the character, we can't help but wonder what Nicolas Cage's Superman movie would have felt like. Some fans feel it is the Superman we deserve, and.

See Nicolas Cage's amazing '90s skin-tight Superman costume test. Prepare to mourn for the Superman movie that never was. Test footage of Nicolas Cage squeezed into a blue superhero costume in. Looking back at Cage's connection with the Superman, he was almost set to play the role of Superman in one of the sequels of the superhero movie by Tim Burton named 'Superman Lives'. He has even done with the pre-shoots for the film where he donned the blue-costume with the red cape. But the film never got a release because of having some issues with the script, and Cage's role as Superman was. Nicolas Cage as Superman. Superman. Follow. 5 years ago | 99 views. Nicolas Cage as Superman. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 2:14. NICOLAS CAGE - BATMAN V SUPERMAN: Dawn of Justice - (2016) Solomontunstall85. Nicolas Cage did his time with superhero movies. In the late nineties, he was attached to play the Man of Steel in Superman Lives, an unrealized project set to be directed by Tim Burton.

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Nicolas Cage ist der Meinung, ihm würde die Rolle des DC-Bösewichts Lex Luthor gut stehen. Seine Zeit als Superman ist nämlich abgelaufen According to their sources, WB also wants to get Nicolas Cage to reprise his role as Superman from Tim Burton's aborted, nearly legendary Superman Lives movie. For those of you who don't know the story, following the massive success of the Death of Superman comic book arc, WB decided to cash in and get a new Superman movie made, with producer Jon Peters given the task. Except Peters had no. Den Trailer zu Nicolas Cage als Superman: Trailer zur Doku The Death of Superman Lives und weitere Clips und Videos zu den neusten Top Filmen online sehen bei TV Spielfil Look up on the screen. It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Nicolas Cage dressed as Superman! A photo of the Academy-Award-winning actor in his test costume from an aborted attempt to reboot. Will Nicolas Cage's Superman finally get to fly in The Flash? The actor, who has already voiced an animated Man of Steel, would surely leap at the chance to play him in the forthcoming superhero movi

Nicolas Cage wants an R-rated Ghost Rider with someoneAuthentic Geek!: The Costumes From The Tim BurtonThe Superman Costume From The Failed Tim Burton Movie10 Secrets About Nicolas Cage's Kids | BabbleTop

Nicolas Cage to Voice Superman in 'Teen Titans' Movie Cage previously almost ended up playing Superman in Tim Burton's now dead 'Superman Lives' movie Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is the movie version of the Cartoon Network's animated series, with all of the show's voice actors returning for the movie. Other celebrities will be joining Cage and the regulars, including James Corden, Halsey. Bekanntlich sollte Tim Burton in den Neunzigern einen Superman-Film drehen, Drehbuch sollte von Kevin Smith kommen und all das klingt ja eigentlich ziemlich awesome (wie das damals wirklich lief, erzählt Kevin Smith selbst hier).Aber dann kamen sie irgendwie auf die Idee, Nicolas Cage für die Rolle des Stählernen zu casten und Cage ist ja sowieso einer meiner Lieblingsschauspieler (und alle. After missing out on playing Superman, Nicolas Cage was keen to play another superhero and became attached to Constantine in the early 2000s. But the studio and the director clashed over money and Cage as the lead, so in the end a new director was brought in and Cage was replaced by Keanu Reeves. 9 Turned Down: He Turned Down The Matrix Because He Didn't Want To Travel. Via refinery29.com. Nicolas Cage (47), Hollywoodstar, hat sich von einem seltenen Comicband getrennt. Sein Exemplar von Action Comics No. 1 aus dem Jahr 1938, in dem Superman seinen ersten Auftritt hat, habe bei einer Auktion rund 1,6 Millionen Euro erbracht, berichtet das US-Magazin Hollywood Reporter Nicolas Cage (47), Hollywoodstar, hat sich von einem seltenen Comicband getrennt. Sein Exemplar von Action Comics No. 1 aus dem Jahr 1938, in dem Superman seinen ersten Auftritt hat, habe.

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